Gone are the days of rising and resting with the rhythms of the sun. As a human race, we’re pushing ourselves beyond nature’s boundaries, and at some point or another, nature always snaps back, writes Cape {town} Etc’s Robyn Simpson.

The call of the wild is a ceaseless whisper that when ignored for long enough, will roar with authoritative gust. And when your mother speaks – act. Pack your bags, Cape {town} Etc family. I’m taking you to the Wilderness.

Just a fabulous road trip away from Cape Town lies Treedom’s Gypsy Villas and Vardos. The perfect getaway for one-on-one time with Mother Nature and the people you love most.

Nestled amongst nature in a private forest, explorers will find the brainchild of wild hearts, Marc and Debbie Nortjé: the most exquisite Vardos.

The Gypsy Vardo is where it all began. It’s dedicated to Marc’s mom Ellen and her late husband Bernard. The essence of family has been sown into the very fibres of Treedom.
The Owl Vardo is dedicated to Lynne, Debbie’s Mom. A matriarch with an abundance of wisdom and generosity. This vardo celebrates the importance of Moms and the magic they share. They sprinkle rainbow dust everywhere.

Vardo derives from the Iranian word vurdon, for cart or wagon. Gypsy Vardo living is a trip back in time to a place where highly skilled craftsmen were commissioned by wealthy Romani (Gypsy) or Carnival owners to create magnificent liveable and moveable works of art.

Three more Vardos, the Mermaid, the Unicorn, and the Angel will be the next additions to the Treedom wonderland.

“When designing the Vardos we wanted to collaborate with those who could really see our vision. We wanted quirky people who live and breathe art, we wanted authenticity so we called Afrikaburn,” says Debbie.

Mission accomplished. There’s magic and fairy dust seeped into every brushstroke and building block. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Art and authenticity are matched equally with quality. Cast-iron cookware, a gas-top stove, lavish cotton sheets and gorgeous finishes. The entire experience amalgamates the rawness of nature with the comfort of home.

Living my best life, drawing on a day-bed under the trees.

Home. Never mind two magical days, it took about two seconds to feel at one with this whimsical setting. And that is without a doubt thanks to Marc and Debs. There’s something incredibly special about visiting a place created so personally and with so much heart.

Treedom’s Gypsy Villas and Vardos has a soul of its own. A life-changing experience that only those lucky enough to visit will be able to fully understand.

Until then, here is a little video of the magic that awaits.

WATCH: Tripping like a Gypsy at Treedom’s Vardos


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