Rose Molteno is the creative heart behind the bohemian, vintage aesthetic of the couture fashion brand Molteno Creations. Specializing in bridal and evening wear, we were enthralled by the elegant gowns that were showcased at the Wedding Expo in Cape Town.

We saw a range of ethereal, off-white creations that featured delicate silhouettes and gorgeous lace. As we couldn’t take our eyes off what we saw, her other creations are deemed just as exquisite. Molteno Creations has become one of Cape Town’s premier destinations for those looking for custom-made creations.

Just as lovely as her designs, she agreed to a quick Q&A session, to give us a glimpse into her creative mindset and passion for the art of couture.

What motivated you to channel your design talent into couture bridal wear?
I always wanted to be a fashion designer and go into couture. When I was a kid I used to study the runway reports of Elle and sketched creative couture ranges. When I was studying, I developed a love for bridal and it’s good training for my aspirations of creating a range for Paris Fashion Week one day.

What inspires you, creatively?
Everything! Nature, other designers, interior design, textures, travel, cultures, all things vintage. I could go on forever!

Describe your design style in 5 words
It depends on the day to be honest, but my bridal style would be feminine, sexy, ethereal, fresh and bohemian.

Who is your ultimate style icon/muse?
This may be odd, but Uma Thurman. She’s not a cookie cutter-beauty and she doesn’t play by the rules of being a perfect demure lady. She is herself – a little rough around the edges, she plays with the boys and slays. I guess she’s a bit like me!

Do you have any tips for brides when choosing a style for their gown?
I’d say number one is to not allow yourself to be pressured by other people into what to wear. “Know thyself”, and while this may be tricky at times, try to remember that this is YOUR special day and you should wear something that reflects who you truly are. If that means breaking the rules and displeasing someone, I say F it! You only get married once, we hope, after all!

Any era that you’re particularly obsessed with?
The 1930’s for sure! This bias cut dresses with perfect panel lines and drapery – love!

Your preference: Timeless vs trendy?
Definitely timeless.

How do you overcome designer’s block?
Take a step back. Work on something else. Meditate, clear the mind and keep creating other things. Before I know it inspiration has swept me away.

Where Shop 2, Durham Square, Cnr Durham Avenue & Main Road, Salt River
Contact +27 (0) 83 462 7354,

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